VIDEO: Alcohol & Testosterone Acting A Fool On The Strip

Smack-smack, Pow, Boom, Bang, little boy looking for a fight. OK I’d admit not the most outrageous fight we’ve seen on the strip but, hey, admission was free.

Poontang? Really?

I expected a 16 year old idiot to be driving around with this sticker but oh no. A twenty-something year old idiot was the culprit. All men like poontang. The men who actually are getting poontang don’t feel the need to advertise on their cars.

CNN Weighs In On Sin City

Maybe you think of the Rat Pack, showgirls and mobsters sipping martinis. Or perhaps it’s bachelorettes and bros on a bender that everyone hopes won’t end up on Facebook. It’s a town whose story has been told thousands of times, in books such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” movies such as “Casino” and […]

I Pity The Fool…

Who doesn’t give me a $5 donation.

Strip Fireworks

My view of New Years from Mandalay Bay.

Rock-N-Roll Marathon Is In Town…

But this sticker says it best.

Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs.

But this sign I like. Unfortunetly no takers but believe me this car show was crawling with potential.

Auto Frankenstein

It’s looks mean and sounded meaner. If I had the money I would love to use this beast as my daily commuter.

Brad Garrett & Ray Romano

You never know who you’ll run into durning poker season.

September Winners!!!

With so many great submissions this was another tough decision but here you go. 1st Place: Lady Standing on Motorcycle Second Place: Advertising 101 Third Place: Step Right Up…Or Down  

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