Just Park That Anywhere

In what officials believe is the first such incident at the hotel, a vehicle crashed through the glass doors at the front entrance of the Stratosphere Wednesday night at 8. Witnesses said the vehicle, a silver Ford F-150 pickup, entered the valet facing Las Vegas Boulevard, veered hard to the right and through the entrance, […]

Roasted and Toasted

Oscar Goodman delivered two great lines Tuesday night. One was from the stage during “The Showbiz Roast” at Stratosphere. The other was afterward during a party sky-high at 702 Lounge. Deep into the show, Goodman took note of the lack of abuse he’d suffered and asked, “I’m just wondering when this roast is supposed to […]

One Small Step Off The Stratosphere

My Dad jumping off the Stratosphere. Never thought he could do it.

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