Not exactly false advertising but just another reminder that sex can and will sell ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.

Costly Romp In The Desert

Things got steamy when British travellers Peter Cousins and Dawn Reed stripped off and jumped into a hot spring, 100 kilometres from the nearest phone signal. But 55-year-old Mr Cousins started having a heart attack, and Ms Reed was forced to run 5km for help, SWNS reported. She flagged down a truck driver who was able […]

Poontang? Really?

I expected a 16 year old idiot to be driving around with this sticker but oh no. A twenty-something year old idiot was the culprit. All men like poontang. The men who actually are getting poontang don’t feel the need to advertise on their cars.

Mile-High Club Just Got Closer

That’s no ordinary passenger aircraft. The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle cruising one-mile above Las Vegas typically seats six people, but in lieu of seats, there’s a bed and complimentary condoms. Entrepreneur Andy Johnson, 32, started Love Cloud to help couples achieve their dream of joining the mile-high club. It takes mere minutes to reach an […]

Easy Online Liaisons Taking Away Customers

In a dim parlor furnished with red velvet couches and a stripper pole, Brooke Taylor is having a sale on herself. “I offer a lot more specials and discounts and incentives for people to come in to see me,” said Taylor, 32, a brunette prostitute in a short, green dress at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch […]

I turned down the wrong street and what do I see

It’s 6am! To tell you the truth I have no idea what the hell is going on here.

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