This is the biggest payout I have ever seen on keno. Happened at Jackpot Joanie’s, 9 spot fully loaded, I think it was $8 every tap of the button.

THREE 5-Spot wins within ten minutes!

I couldn’t lose. This machine was very nice to me. Makes me wonder if I should of played an 8-spot right away. Well winners can’t be complainers.

I bought a shot glass…

And it’s bringing me luck. THANKS OLV!!!!!!!

$7,000 KENO

Time to take the money and run……

Drinks All Around!

I love Keno!

Couldn’t Lose

I hit 3 different 5 of 5 spots and one 7 of 7. Yeah baby.

Winner winner!!

I love Vegas! 25 cents and I hit for $200 on keno Text ends on first line must edit to write more!

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