VIDEO: This guy had a great night

This is from Las Vegas Electric, check out their YouTube channel.

It’s 8 in the morning!

On my way to work a here’s a guy hacking in the bushes. I guess it gonna be one of those days.

Came On Vacation and Left On Probation

Two drunk men start fighting and METRO steps in to break it up. Exciting few minutes now off to the bar. Photo credit: Odriscoll Photography

According To My Buddy…

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except for sunburns and hangovers. Very Funny Timmy!

Hey sexy lady!!!!!’

I think she knew ahead of time she was gonna strip down.

The Biggest Joint I’ve Ever Seen!

More pics to come!

September Winners!!!

With so many great submissions this was another tough decision but here you go. 1st Place: Lady Standing on Motorcycle Second Place: Advertising 101 Third Place: Step Right Up…Or Down  

Lady Standing on Motorcycle

A group of three motorcyclist “daredevils” show off on the highway. One lady was standing on the motorcycle while the others popped wheelies. Happy no one got hurt.

Advertising 101

Keep it simple stupid. UNLV students walk past this everyday. Genius or tacky? Only time will tell.

Happy FREE Shot Customer

OLV gives her a FREE shot, It’s Her Birthday!

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