Baseball and $1 beers! Life is good. If you can’t make it tonight the 51s have many other dollar beer nights, click here.

Siegfried & Roy Tap a Huge Keg!

Octoberfest is here…but it’s still September.

12 Shot Clip

That paddle is just for serving drinks, they smack you on the ass too! Kinky!

Advertising 101

Keep it simple stupid. UNLV students walk past this everyday. Genius or tacky? Only time will tell.

Art Takes A Shot With OLV

Art takes a free shot glass and pours his beer . Love the Strip.

Dollar Beer Night LV 51’s

Dollar beer and baseball. What more could you ask for. Next dollar beer night is Thursday, July 11th. If you can’t make it July 11th. don’t worry you’ll have 4 more opportunities. 51’s Schedule:

Winner winner!!

I love Vegas! 25 cents and I hit for $200 on keno Text ends on first line must edit to write more!

Billboard Truth

Lee’s discount liquor isn’t coy about their customers. I think it’s great.

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