People Love The F-Word

Especially when you drive a piece of shit.

September Winners!!!

With so many great submissions this was another tough decision but here you go. 1st Place: Lady Standing on Motorcycle Second Place: Advertising 101 Third Place: Step Right Up…Or Down  

Calling a spade a spade

Owning it on a license plate.

Advertising 101

Keep it simple stupid. UNLV students walk past this everyday. Genius or tacky? Only time will tell.


Puff Puff Give

Really? Really??

Lost in translation. Who would name their restaurant this?

I sure can

This guy was cool. People were honking and he was waving back.

Flat Stanley & Big Elvis

Flat Stanley has been around the world and where does he end up? In Las Vegas of course. I want to see the strip club photos of Flat Stanley.  That son-of-a-bitch has got to have stripper money.

Truth be spoken

I’ve seen a whole bunch of different Lee’s Discount Liquor signs around but I thought this was the best one.

Dummy Hanging Around; Round 2

Last Halloween billboards across the valley had dummies in suit carrying a briefcase hanging from the metal braces. Written on the billboards in black paint were cold message blaming Wall St. scandals for the current economic depression. I wonder if this is round two. So far no messages around this one.

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