VIDEO: Alcohol & Testosterone Acting A Fool On The Strip

Smack-smack, Pow, Boom, Bang, little boy looking for a fight. OK I’d admit not the most outrageous fight we’ve seen on the strip but, hey, admission was free.

Costly Romp In The Desert

Things got steamy when British travellers Peter Cousins and Dawn Reed stripped off and jumped into a hot spring, 100 kilometres from the nearest phone signal. But 55-year-old Mr Cousins started having a heart attack, and Ms Reed was forced to run 5km for help, SWNS reported. She flagged down a truck driver who was able […]

Junkie Outside My Room

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except for the image of a junkie shooting heroin outside my hotel room.

Rise Above

The Rise Festival this last weekend was amazing, beautiful and fun. I do hope they fix their parking problems for next years event.

3 Boobs Celebrates 21st B-Day In Vegas

In case you’ve missed it, Jasmine Tridevil has made news recently after getting a third boob surgically added to her torso. Why a third boob? Well, she has lots of reasons for it but it’s all comes down to fame and fortune. Read more HERE if you want but OLV has found out she has recently celebrated […]

Poontang? Really?

I expected a 16 year old idiot to be driving around with this sticker but oh no. A twenty-something year old idiot was the culprit. All men like poontang. The men who actually are getting poontang don’t feel the need to advertise on their cars.

Hero or Foolish?

Dramatic video of a van being sweep away and a heroic bystander trying to help. Thankfully no was hurt but.

I15 Shut Down

40 miles of the I15 freeway shut down.


All but one lane is blocked on the I-15 making my morning commute hell.

The Valet Centerpiece Of SLS Las Vegas

What the hell is this? Your guess is as good as mine.  

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