Jeanette Amalfitano thought she was witnessing a tragedy when she looked up this morning and noticed that among a group of hot-air balloons, one of them was upside down with the passenger basket poking up at the top. “I thought something was wrong with the balloon,” Amalfitano said. “It looked like it was losing air.” […]

8,000 Miles On A Skateboard

Mark Williams has a brief stop in Vegas while skating across the country. His goal is to skate 8,000 miles through 35 states to raise money for his dream of opening a skate shop but also to raise money for a family friend suffering from cancer. Fallow marks journey and donate to the cause at: […]

Military Helicopters Circling So. Highlands

Round and round they go. 15 minutes just circling Southern Highlands. I also saw metro posted up near the reservoir.

Oh Boy! It’s The Big Boy

The Big Boy rolled through town. The biggest and oldest operating steam engine still in operation.

Arabian Breeders World Cup

Is in Las Vegas and this saddle is the top prize. Sponsored by the King of Morocco, estimated value, $125,000.

Extremely Entertaining

Extreme Thing 2014 did not disappoint!

High Roller Opens…finally!

Don’t called it a Ferris wheel, the Linq will kick your ass!

King Of The Jungle

Up close and personal at the Lion Habitat Ranch

King Of The Jungle

Up close and personal at the Lion Habitat Ranch

I’ve played backjack with a lot of jackasses…

But never a horse. South Point Casino was promoting their equestrian show.

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