LAS VEGAS (AP) — In the end, demolition workers used an Old West method on Tuesday to finish an incomplete casino implosion in Las Vegas.

“They lassoed the building with steel cables, got a crane, and pulled and pulled and pulled,” Clarion hotel-casino site owner Lorenzo Doumani said after a stubborn elevator shaft was brought down.

“The building is finally down,” he said late in the afternoon.

So ended the 13-hour saga of the 13th hotel implosion in Las Vegas since 1993.

The 200-room building between the Strip and the Las Vegas Convention Center opened in 1970 as the Royal Inn, and over the years had been known in various incarnations as the Debbie Reynolds for its one-time owner and as the Greek Isles and the Paddle Wheel.

It was mostly reduced to the dustbin of Las Vegas history by a 2-ton explosive punch about 3 a.m. that didn’t quite topple the elevator shaft as the 12-story, former casino-hotel came down around it.

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