Deflate Scandal Prop Bets


One Las Vegas sports book is having some fun with the controversy currently surrounding the Patriots, offering two Deflate-gate-themed Super Bowl prop bets.

The Pats, of course, were reportedly determined to have deflated the footballs used in their win over the Colts in the AFC Championship Game. While initial reports said 11 of New England’s 12 game balls were underinflated, former referee Gerry Austin told ESPN Radio that all 12 balls were underinflated at halftime, although the 12th wasn’t quite as underinflated at the other 11.

Playing off the story that has dominated NFL headlines in the week off between the conference championships and Super Bowl, the Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas has opened wagering on these props:

The Patriots allegedly deflated 11 out of 12 balls when they beat the Colts.  

Will Tom Brady complete 11 or more of his first 12 passes and deflate the Seahawks’ defense:
Yes – Brady completes 11+ of his first 12 passes  +1200
No – Brady completes 10 or fewer of his first 12 passes -3000


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One Response to “Deflate Scandal Prop Bets”

  1. InEeDaBrIcK says:

    Tom Brady can deflate my balls anytime.
    Dawson/Mandik 2016

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